Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fear got you down? No problem!!

When boundaries are present, there is fear – when wholeness and unity is recognized, fear cannot exist." -- James A. Ray

Fear is defined as "an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight) ". (Google Web Definitions).

The key word here is in anticipation of! Funny thing is that we have the flight or fight response for life threatening dangers but most of us use fear to paralyze us in our daily lives when there is NO real danger of losing our lives!

In today's society many us get stuck in ruts due to self-limiting thoughts. These thoughts are unproductive and limit our natural abilities to achieve goals. We talk ourselves right out of being successful! Have you listened to how you talk to yourself today? Take a minute and really listen to your self talk. Are you limiting yourself? Do you have confidence in your abilities to succeed at anything and everything or do you have doubts concerning your abilities?

These doubts are nothing but fear! Oh yes, fear hides well behind the pretense of being rational and realistic thought. However, limiting thoughts are not realistic or rational at all! There are unlimited possibilities in this universe! You can do, be and have everything that you want if you just believe!

Truth of the matter is fear limits! People don't try new things because they are afraid of failure. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is how they perceive failure. Successful people look at failures or mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow and not as a negative!

Lets take a look at ways to overcome that fear!

1. Change your perception! This is can be done in a number of ways including using affirmation and meditation to change your beliefs! You can make your own affirmations and keep them posted in place where you see them often! Here is a free meditation that I discovered on line that helps with overcoming fear. This meditation has you visualize all the fear leaving your body never to return. Use any other method that works for you to change your limiting thoughts and put an end to fear. Just remember you can do anything! Henry Ford said "If you think you can you are right. If you think you cannot you are right."

2. Take action. Start moving toward your goals! Small steps if needed but do something.

3. Persist, Persist, Persist. If one action does not produce the desired results try a different approach. Keep trying until you get the desired results.

4. If you are feeling fearful or not getting the desired results don't criticize yourself. Simply put do not take it personally. Learn from the experience whatever it is. You can either have a cup half full or half empty at any moment in your life. Every cloud has a silver lining - look for it always!

5. Give thanks! Gratitude is very important and give thanks for it all and not just the things that you perceive to be "good". Give thanks for you life with all of the ups and downs and enjoy the ride.

If you are enjoying the ride there is no time to be afraid!

Bless you all
I love you.

Tina Mae

Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Award - I am SO BLESSED

I am so blessed!!! I got another award for my blog! The Geek's Girl thought my blog was worthy of this award! Thank you! Thank you!
Now as always in the universe it is time to share the wealth!

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Here are the seven blogs that I would like to pass on this award to:
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4. Abundance Attracting
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Congrats to All.
I love you.
Tina Mae

Monday, October 13, 2008

Anything is possible if you only believe!!

I am overwhelmed this morning with the desire to share my experiences with the book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. My only intention is to share my faith and experiences so that you all may at least consider the possibility.

I first watched The Secret in June of 2006. I tried watching at my house on my computer but was having no luck. I quickly called a friend and went over to her house where we watched together.

After watching The Secret only once I came home and made a of what I wanted, took a $1.00 bill and added 6 zeros to the end and made it 1 million dollars, and cut out a picture of a new car. Over the next few days I focused on these things but did no actual work on myself and went back to my old routine - I like to call it going back to sleep.

Around the first part of February 2007 I was spending the afternoon with my daughter in law who had recorded the Oprah show the prior week. We watched the first show Oprah had on regarding The Secret. Suddenly, I was reawakened, revitalized and motivated. I asked my daughter-in-law to buy the book online and send it to my son. I went to the bookstore the next day and bought the audio book on CD.
(Without distracting from the story I would like to point out that just like any other book, if a movie is made it only has highlights of the material covered in the book....In my opinion, true understanding of the secret is only possible when reading the entire text and taking all of it into consideration).

The following week, my boss let me off work early one day unexpectedly. I got home at exactly 4:00 pm and decided to turn on the TV, and I wondered what is on Oprah. The Secret revisited! The second show that Oprah had concerning the Secret.

Over the next couple of weeks, I focused my attention on my thoughts, my beliefs, and myself. I became aware of the things that I was giving attention to and that were dominating my thoughts. I began to change the pictures of my life with love, faith, and gratitude. I manifest on a regular basis, and there are so many examples that I could list....However, I have chosen the one that is the most dramatic for me.

On Tuesday Feb. 19, 2007 I was sitting in my car at work over lunch hour listening to the audio CD of The Secret, I was declaring my perfect health. I believed that I received it and was giving gratitude for it. I looked over at my hand and there was a half smoked cigarette still burning between my first two fingers. I paused and stared at it for a moment focusing my attention on it and completely aware. I realized at that moment that my actions were not mirroring my desires of perfect health. I was saying one thing and doing quite another.

I proclaimed to the Universe at that moment " I AM A NON SMOKER". I believed it was true and done that instant! I gave thanks for it - I was totally exhilarated. I believe that I was completely aligned with the Universe and God and at that moment asked for what I wanted, believed I received it, and gave thanks. After 25+ years of smoking I was a non-smoker at that moment and for the rest of my existence.

However, the story continues......A few days later I was decluttering my house making room for the new pictures of my life and I came across the list of wants that I had made during June of 2006......on the list was QUIT SMOKING. I asked, I believed, and I received and I am forever grateful for this entire experience because it has forever changed my life.

I did not know how it would be done. I just knew it to be true. Again, I asked believe, and receive. With no patches, gum, anything ----- It has not been difficult, I believe this is because I am following my flow....I am one with God and all. I am grateful!!!

Jesus told us over and over again....Believe.....Ask and if you believe you shall receive. He did not give us instructions saying you can only ask for this or that......He just said ask and you receive if you believe. All it takes is faith.
It is not just magical thought. It is thought that is full of love, faith and gratitude. In addition, action is required! You have to ask, you have to give thanks and you have to receive it.

I am sharing this will all of you with the sincere desire that this information will make a share with you the glory of life for it is spectacular! To share with you the joy of being connected to the Universe. He is a part of everything.....which means that he is a part of all of us. None of us are ever disconnected from the divine.

Bless you all,
I love you
Tina Mae

Monday, October 6, 2008

Worry- Waste of Energy

Worry is nothing more than preoccupation with events that could happen in the future!
All the focus, power, and thought you would have to solve a problem is being used to worry instead of taking action or accepting the situation as it is.

Wikipedia gives the definition of worry as “negative self talk that distracts the mind from focusing on the problem at hand.” The article continues with a great example of a student who becomes anxious while taking a test and repeatedly tells themselves that they are going to fail. This thinking interferes with focusing on the test! The speech areas of the brain that are needed to complete the test questions are being used for worrying. Wikipedia

It is not always so easy to see the how the worrying is keeping you preoccupied from focusing on the problem at hand but it always the case. Be honest with yourself for just one moment – what has worrying ever accomplished?

Human beings are the only creatures on this planet that worry! Go into nature and take a look around! The trees do not worry, the grass does not worry, the flowers do not worry, and the animals do not worry yet they are perfection. Given by grace everything that is needed and created to perfection just as we are! They spend their time being aware and in the present moment not worrying about what could happen. Little children also have this attribute! They focus all of their attention on whatever they are doing at the time. Worrying is an acquired behavior it is not a natural one!

All the time that we spend worrying is lost time that can never be recovered.
Choose today to spend that time loving another, or maybe extending a smile to a stranger as they walk by. Find ways to enjoy the moment! What you are worrying about may or may not happen in the future but worrying about it is downgrading the present moment. What is worry going to change? Absolutely nothing so enjoy right now!

Come with me on this journey and promise yourself that today and everyday is time to enjoy life! Each time you find yourself worrying about the future gently remind yourself that worry is useless and move onto something more productive! Live, love, and enjoy!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Free Blogging Course

I'm evaluating a multi-media course on blogging from the folks at Simpleology. For a while, they're letting you snag it for free if you post about it on your blog.

It covers:

  • The best blogging techniques.
  • How to get traffic to your blog.
  • How to turn your blog into money.

I'll let you know what I think once I've had a chance to check it out. Meanwhile, go grab yours while it's still free.

I have not received it yet but I am excited to try it out!
I love you! Bless you!

Tina Mae

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Blog has been Awarded!!!!

MsFit of Quests of a MsFit has sent me an award!

Thank you so much MsFit for this award, I am overwhelmed with joy for I now get to share this award with others!

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I wish to award this same award to:

Secret Thoughts and More

Congrats to both of you for all of your hard work! I enjoy your blogs and wanted to take the time to let you know that you have touched me and others!

Bless you both!
Tina Mae

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again!!!

I cannot believe that it has been three weeks since I posted. I left for vacation on September 3rd and took my laptop so that I could post while gone. Internet access was sketchy at best and I could not post. I returned home yesterday with one thought “ Always post in advance before going on vacation!” Today as I reflected on that thought I realized that the Good News IS that this is exactly how it is supposed to be. For some reason the universe deemed that I would not post for three weeks and so be it. Reminds of the book I am reading now entitled “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie. This remarkable woman reminds us that everything is at it should be! I know that this concept can at times be hard to grasp but it is so true.

I would like to take the time to give you my example of how this is true. Like a lot of you out there I have had events in my life that I had deemed as traumatic and hurtful. In reality, these events were hurtful and traumatic. They wounded me deeply and touched areas of my soul that I did not know even existed. At the time, I did not realize how these events helped me grow and expand my consciousness. I did not take the time to see that every experience shapes me into who I am at this very moment. The most important lesson is that if I resist or try to repress any moment of my life I am in some way denying myself. How can that be? Simply put each and every one of the moments in my life has contributed to the person that I am at this very moment. I love the person I am right here and right now. I am content with my attributes, my flaws, my talents, my passions, my physical body, and my soul. Without any further ado here is my story:
I was married to man right out of high school and we had two beautiful children together. As the relationship progressed I realized that his drug use was not only a weekend “fun time” but now was an everyday addiction. This addiction progressed to selling drugs out of house. I knew that my children and I must go and as a result we moved into our own home. My children were very young at the time and it was a good decision for all of us and I married my second husband who raised my children as his own.

Years later my ex-husband was back in my children’s life and wanted to see them regularly. At 14 and 16 I believed that they could handle the situation and he promised that he was clean and off drugs. I unfortunately gave him the benefit of the doubt and believed that he was clean. However, he was not and in his addiction believed that if our children where going to do drugs it would be better for them to do it with him than on the streets. To make a long story short, both of our children became addicted to Meth. My son was in prison as a result of the drug and my daughter is just now getting her life together as a result of this experience.
I have struggled for years with the emotions inside of me towards my ex-husband and at the time his girlfriend. There was always a distance, anger, or should I say more like a rage! I was the mama bear and this man, in my opinion, had hurt my children.

In the last few years my ex-husband was in prison and completed a recovery program. He has helped many in his recovery and is very active in meetings and other programs to help others with drug addiction. In January of this year my daughter moved back into the state and decided to live with her father. This decision was based on the fact that he lived in the city and the college she wanted to attend was in the same city. He helped her move back and has given her a place to live rent-free. There was not much of a relationship between the two of them and they have worked hard over the past months to build one based on trust and love.

I watched as my daughter worked through developing this relationship (helped her where I could) and saw the emergence of a woman, the little girl was fading quickly. She was growing stronger and more confident while expressing what she wanted to this man she considered somewhat a stranger. This was real growth for her. I found myself writing a card last month to thank him and his wife for making my daughter feel secure and loved in their home. As I wrote this card I realized that my feelings of rage had now gone and were replaced with feelings of gratitude that they were a part of her life. I now love them for they are a part of me as are all of you.

It seems in my life that people have a hard time with forgiveness for they feel they must be nice and have contact with the ones that they forgive and for me this is false. I chose to write the card of gratitude to them so they would know that we are grateful for what they are doing. However, there is no reason for them to be a part of my life except through my daughter. I will not become instant friends or let them into my inner circle of friends. You see I love them for they are part of us all but they are not in vibration with what I want. We all know that we can love one another without agreeing with the actions of others, or their views. It is called unconditional love and we do it with relatives all the time. Forgiveness is the same. I have created these events without being aware, now being aware; I take responsibility and concentrate on positive outcomes! The most positive outcome is my children. They are just as they should be, they are wonderful and they are perfection. If I were to change any of the experiences of their life it would change them!

I would not change one single moment of my life, I am thankful for all that I am and I am grateful in this moment that I remember who I am and more importantly that I remember who you are and our connection to each other and all there is.

Bless you and may your heart and soul be filled with love for yourself and all that is.

Tina Mae

Monday, September 1, 2008

Greif Just a Part of Life? Life after Death?

This week has been trying to say the least for me. I lost my best friend after 16 years of being inseparable. His name was Ralphee and I miss his physical presence desperately! He was always there, regardless if I was sleeping, eating, or just playing at the computer. He was always with me, with no expectations and all he wanted to do was be near me. I did not realize until he was gone that this poodle of mine was an extension of my being. He was not only my pet but also my companion and life without him seems empty. I am lonely even in the presence of other people.

The irony of this story is that I know that he still “is”. He as well as all of us cannot cease to exist. The only thing that ceases to exist is his physical body. Intellectually I understand this. Unfortunately, this knowledge has not made the process of grieving any easier. The pain is no less severe. The difference that I have found in the process of grieving since my awakening is that I am feeling the feelings. I am observing as I grieve without judgment. In short I am accepting what is at this moment without deciding if it is good or bad. Ralphee is gone and it hurts – this is what is at this moment.

I have shifted my thoughts throughout the process of how much I loved him and how happy he was to see me whenever I entered the house. I know that as time goes by I am creating the feelings of happiness and contentment as I think of Ralphee. These thoughts of happiness will then become a habit when I think of Ralphee. Thus, the grief will pass and will be replaced by the loving thoughts of my friend.

In any situation that at first seems like it may be negative, one only needs to look at it for a moment without any judgments. Life is merely a stream of moments – these moments pass and in those moments there are many experiences for us to grow and learn from. If these experiences are labeled by us to be good or bad we could be missing the whole point. I found from really experiencing my grief through this process that this too shall pass. I am strong enough to handle everything that is given to me. Everything that happened on the day my friend died was just as it should be. As I lower my resistance and just be in the moment, the moments are incredible and have the potential to touch my soul if I only allow it. Every moment is a gift and one should learn to be present and observe!

I love you all! Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts please share yours with me so that we all can continue to increase our awareness!

Tina Mae

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Everything In Life Is Exciting!

Everything in life is exciting! Only the perception of life makes it anything other than exciting. Everyday I find things to be thankful for despite events in my life that may look less than perfect. I am learning to take every moments as it comes just like my granddaughter does. They don't worry or fret! They are intense and in the moment, totally absorbed and present in everything that they do!
The teachers of our time tell us that it is necessary to learn to do one thing at a time. I have been trying this for the last week and it is a task that takes quite a bit of concentration and focus. However, over the past week I have experienced the bliss of just walking. It is amazing! I feel the muscles moving, the skeleton moving, my breath going in and out, the movement causing my hair move away from my face. It is extremely exhilerating and brings a smile to my face. I feel a peace and joy that I usually only experience during mediation.
Take a few moments- experience being present on your own. Only if it is for just one moment today. If you are eating only eat and pay attention to that. If you are washing dishes only wash dishes and pay attention to do that. Whatever you are doing give it your full attention. Repeat this through out the day. Notice the way you feel, notice how it feels just to be. Enjoy being as the animals, the plants, and the little children do.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


First lets take a look a the meaning of forgiveness. Wikipedia's definition is the process of ceasing to feel resentment, indignation, or anger against another person for a perceived offense, difference. or mistake.

I found it interesting that the definition referred to the offense as perceived! My question on forgiveness has always been "Is there anything to really forgives ourselves or others?" Is it really just a matter of perspective?

I believe that all suffering, anger, hate, and/or resentment is just caused solely by our perception of event . It is very simple really - We want the person, place or event to be different! I am not saying here that we should never feel these emotions - but if you really looked at the things that you think you need to forgive others for you would find that you want them to be different! It is not the event that made you angry but the perception of the event.

Lets try a short example to make a point. You are driving down the road when suddenly someone cuts you off and begins yelling at you out their window. It is really not the event that made you angry. It is the voice in your head that begins to say things like, how dare you, who do you think that you are, this was your fault and you are blaming it on me. This continues and is probably repeated to others so they will take your side. The event happened and was over hours ago but the anger is growing in each passing moment. The event just was, they anger that followed was YOUR choice. One person may choose to be angry, another may choice to find it amusing, and still another may actually become confrontational. Like everything else in life it is a matter of choice.

So really is there anything to forgive? Think about and as you do I would suggest that you read Loving What Is by Bryon Katie. In what she calls "The Work" Byron Katie leads us with four questions on how to accept what is. You can also visit her website to get more information on her work.

Bless you all. I love you.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Meditation in your Daily Life

Why meditate? Why not? Scientists study it and doctors recommend it. Why? Because it works! (Time Magazine), Millions of Americans meditate daily. The benefits of daily meditation are miraculous to say the least. Here is just a short list of the benefits of meditation:

*Reduces anxiety attacks
*Builds self confidence
*Increases joy by releasing serotonin
*Enhances energy, strength, and vigor
*Keeps blood pressure normal
*Reduces stress and tension
*Helps with weight loss
*Increased sense of calm and control in everyday life
*Increased feelings of relaxation and happiness
*Increase ability to concentrate

It is true; 10-15 minutes a day of meditation can, over time, make a drastic change in your life! It did in mine! I can hear you saying – when am I going to find the time? The kids, work, the spouse, the chores, ect. How can you take care of any of these things unless you find time to take care of yourself first? Meditation will allow all of the other things in your life to be easier, for you to be happier, healthier, and more focused! I say to you how can you not find time!

This truly amazing practice is absolutely free! It only takes commitment and time. There are plenty of places on the Internet to get downloads of free meditations! The one I found today is at project and it is totally free at the following link:

Oprah recently had Jon Kabat-Zinn on her Soul Series to discuss the benefits of meditation and how this practice can teach you how to really live! You can watch these two interviews for free on Oprah's site .

Oprah has many other free meditations and awakening exercises on her site just for the taking – here you can find a list for finding inner peace.
If you just do a search for meditations on the Oprah site you can choose from a list of the type of meditations that are right for you.

There is a type of meditation that you can do without anything but your body. You can simply just sit still for 15 minutes and focus on keeping your body still. As you do this ego is kept busy and you can hear your thoughts slow down. This is where your soul resides. This is where your true power really is. There is a peace – a knowing – in this place. Take a chance and sit still for 15 minutes. Let your thoughts go where they will, do not judge them just let them be. Focus on not moving your body. As you practice this or another type of meditation daily you will witness the subtle changes in your life! Doctors recommend it and scientist study it! You however live it and reap the benefits! What are you waiting for??

I love you and wish you peace on your journey through meditation; you are going to love it!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Be Present

Be present in the moment. This has been said many times in many different ways but it is the ultimate truth. Being present in the moment is a necessity to any spiritual growth. You do not need to study scripture intently or even go on journey exploring all the religions. You only need to be present in the moment and watch and learn. Information from the outside may help you remember and get the ball moving but all the information that is needed is right inside of each and every one of us! Ask a question and an answer will be presented. Dream a dream and it will be manifested. One of my favorite books on learning how to become present in the moment Eckhart Tolle’s – The Power of Now- you can find it on his website at

We are all souls with enormous power! All that is needed is courage to use this power. How could we be anything less than perfect – we are all a part of the universe/God. We are connected to this source at all times. Just remember to remember to remember: I am a spiritual being with the power to create my own life. The universe/God wants me to happy and prosper! Remember that you are always connected to and part of the universe/God through your inner being or soul.

There is nothing that cannot be accomplished. There is only the possible. There are unlimited possibilities, unlimited resources, and unlimited ideas. Man limits himself by thinking that there are limits, sad thing is as he believes so it is in his reality.
Consider this though – animals, plants and humans consume monstrous amounts of water everyday and have been for thousands of years yet the water supply of the planet remains at the same levels – it does not diminish. Chemicals that are on the earth are consumed in many ways each day but the levels present on earth are never diminished. Energy cannot be diminished at all it is a law of physics. The sun that warms our earth may die one day but the energy that this powerful star emitted will not die instead will just be used somewhere else in the universe. How we can set limits on anything if we know that the laws of universe are such that there is a never ending supply?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Focus! Focus! Focus!

Ready to get started? Ready to spend some time? Here are some suggestions to help align your focus and start the change in your life. It is easy! Treat it like a game, let your inner child enjoy the experience!

Realign your focus so that you are always thinking on what you truly desire? Plan your day around it! Reading, writing, and speaking about the things that make you feel good brings these things into reality! As you think about these things throughout the day and put those thoughts out into the universe your actions will automatically become aligned with reaching those goals! Magically, your life will unfold and actions that need to be taken will be easy and effortless. Some people call this inspired action, some call it the flow of life, and others call it connecting with life or God. It does not matter what you call it, the point is to take the time to co-create consciously instead of creating unconsciously!

Here are a few simple ways to align your focus. Pick and choose from the list and use the techniques that feel right to you! I personally try to incorporate all of them into my daily life.

1. Write Daily! This can be as simple as a gratitude journal or as complicated as a full blown journal. Writing is powerful! I have a gratitude journal and use it every night to focus my attention on the things in my life that I am grateful for. As I do this the universe automatically sends me more things that I can be grateful for!!!

2. Notes and lists. Did you ever notice that if you make a list you get more done? Funny how a list gets done but how sometimes thoughts about what should get done are forgotten. Jack Canfield suggests in his book Success Principles that you make a list of five things a day to accomplish in order to reach your goals. Life is nothing more than an accumulation of small steps!!!!!!!!

3. Meditation. Daily meditation is one of the key steps in this process. in my opinion. This in itself the most important thing that you can incorporate into your life. You can manifest everything your heart desires with positive thinking, vision boards, and the rest but true inner peace is achieved by going within. Remember that meditation can be as simple as prayer or just being aware and doing one thing at a time, or it can be as intrinsic as yoga. You must find the road that is comfortable for you.

4. Bring your desires into everyday conversations with other people. This practice reinforces your intentions and focus. This does not mean that you must say I am in the process of manifesting a boat! You can just simply say I am looking into purchasing a boat, or I have been considering a boat. These types of conversations not only reinforce your intention and focus but also has the potential to open doors necessary for you to achieve your goal.

5. Vision Boards - I have included a picture above of a vision board. Vision boards serve the purpose of keeping your goals in your face on a regular basis! Everyone should have one! Put it up where you will see it everyday.

Never say NEVER!!!! I CAN AND I WILL! If you doubt yourself you will fail - Know that you will succeed, live that you will succeed, breathe that you will succeed. Know that you have already succeeded!

Sending you love and light! Feeling and enjoying your success. I love you!

Tina Mae

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thoughts are Tangible !!!

Before going any further with this blog I think it is necessary to relate to all of you the fact that science has proven lately that thoughts not only affect your body but they affect the outside world as well! There are several sources that you can chose from that all say about the same thing – our thoughts are tangible things that affect us. If we believe that we are poor then we are poor, if we believe that we are rich then we are rich, it is really that simple! Belief is the key to everything! Here is what the book of Mark has to say on the subject:

Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea: and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass: he shall have whatsoever he saith. Mark 11:23

The bible is telling us that anything is possible as long as we think correctly and believe it to be so! This concept can be very difficult to grasp especially if one is subject to doubt based on religious undertones of any kind! Having said that, there is scientific evidence that shows that thoughts are tangible and do affect not only our body but our outer world as well.

Lets start with information found in a book by Eldon Taylor called Choices and Illusions. The author concludes in one section that our “nonlocal mind is interacting in a holographic universe via principles of mind, including thought and belief, and thereby co-creating what most call reality.” He goes on to quote Lynn McTaggart from her book The Intention Experiment as saying “thought is a tangible thing with the power to affect the physical world!” These experiments like many others are showing that as people meditate, pray, and/or focus intention they are able to influence the physical world. For more information on this you can
visit the website .

There have been many scientific experiments that have proven that prayer can affect the physical world, all one has to do is Google this and there are many articles to read. On Oprah’s Soul Series for the week the guest was Dr.Larry Dossey the author of Healing Words. In the interview, this medical doctor shares how he became interested in the subject and describes scientific experiments that have proven that prayer works! You can view the entire interview for free at

What is prayer? Is it more than a thought? This answer may be different for everyone but to me prayer is just focused thought! I believe that by now everyone has heard of the water experiments but if not here is one that you should read about – simply put thoughts change water! Look for yourself -

The time is now to take the time to pay attention to your thoughts! As a general rule we are the hardest on ourselves! Take the time to change your thinking and be kind to yourself and others. See for yourself if this works. Take one thought and replace it for a week with a positive one. See if there is a difference! I said the following affirmation daily (most days more than once) and saw change in a short period of time:

Divine Order takes charge of my life today and everyday. All things work together for good for me today. This is a new and wonderful day for me. There will never be another day like this one. I am divinely guided all day long, and whatever I do will prosper. Divine love surrounds me, enfolds me, and enwraps me, and I go forth in peace.

Whenever my attention wanders away from that which is good and constructive, I will immediately bring it back to the contemplation of that which is lovely and of good report. I am a spiritual and mental magnet attracting to myself all things that bless and prosper me. I am going to be a wonderful success in all of my undertakings today. I am definitely going to be happy all day long.
By Joseph Murphy, Ph.D, DD – From the book The Power of your Subconscious Mind.

Wishing you happiness and peace – I love you!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Realizing your Potential

There is no time like now to realize your power and worth! Be strong-Know that you can and will do anything that you desire. See yourself reaching your goals and creating new goals. Forever growing! You are co-creating with God every moment, we all do, every moment of everyday. Know this! Practice this daily! Be this!!!
There is no time like now. All of our power is right here in the moment. As you focus your attention your intentions are blasted into the universe. Be aware of what you are releasing. Observe. Observation is your innerself giving feeback on your creations. Your inner self has the knowledge from all other experiences that helps to facilitate your movement into the right direction. Your inner/higher self knows all - trust it. Move forward with the grace and knowledge that you alone possess!
Bless you - I love you!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

There is only NOW and it is perfect!

I really want to share with everyone the knowledge that I have found over the past couple of years. I remember how I felt when I stood in Sedona, Arizona admiring the beauty of mother earth. There was a stillness in those mountains that forever touched me. As I continued to follow my spiritual path I came to understand though reading, seminars, and classes that there is nothing out there that can make me happy. My joy and happiness comes from within!

I know that I must share with anyone who will listen!
The good news is that now is exactly how it should be. You have the power to create anything you desire in the next moment! It is all as easy as changing your mind! Don't take my word for it! Make up your mind that you are going to find out for yourself !
Can changing your thoughts and beliefs can really change your life? You be the judge. Give it a try. What do you have to lose?

Let me start by telling you some of the things that have changed for me in the last year. First I quit smoking cold turkey in the middle of a cigarette no less, after 28 years! I lost 27 lbs in 4 months and have completely changed my eating and exercising habits. I just got a raise of 10,000 dollars per year and I still do the same job I did before and began getting passive income of about 400 dollars per month. I could continue but these are posts for another time. I just wanted to let you know from the get go that anything and I mean anything is possible. There is only good in the universe! We only believe there is bad and that is what allows it to be!

The first place to start is now! Find something to be grateful for in this moment and share it with us! I can't wait to hear what you are grateful for today! I love my life and I love you!