Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spending Time

The universe has been sending me little clues for about a month now about how important it is to spend time remembering who I really am. This could include prayer, meditation, reading a book, going to church, spending time with other people or nature and really feeling the presence of the being I am spending time with.
We can go through life just doing what needs to be done every day or we can wake up and live life. The difference is astronomical! Today the realization of how this works came to me in this example. An athlete takes the time regularly to sharpen the skill they have been given. They spend large quantities of time exercising, practicing, going over past games, making plays in their minds, etc….I could go on and on. These are actions that they put forth to get what they desire to cultivate in themselves and bring forth for the world to see.
In each of us there is a divine spark. This divine spark that is within us is also a part of God. This is who we really are. How many of us take the time to nurture this spark and bring it forth for the entire world to see? We are here to enjoy, love and be abundant. Do we do this? Do we believe this? Maybe on Sunday?
Today just for a bit, spend time listening to your thoughts. Do you love to yourself? Do you love others? Are your thoughts kind? Are you actions kind? Just changing a few things can make all the difference in your life. Take time today and look into the mirror and realize that you are perfect. You are a divine spark of God individualized. Take time to remember that and be grateful for your life. Pray, read, go to church, do something to help you to remember often. Daily take a few minutes to remember. Love yourself and as you do love will flow from you to others who are in need. Our time here is short…remember to remember.
The spirit in me bows to the spirit in you. Namaste.
I love you
Tina Mae