Sunday, August 24, 2008

Everything In Life Is Exciting!

Everything in life is exciting! Only the perception of life makes it anything other than exciting. Everyday I find things to be thankful for despite events in my life that may look less than perfect. I am learning to take every moments as it comes just like my granddaughter does. They don't worry or fret! They are intense and in the moment, totally absorbed and present in everything that they do!
The teachers of our time tell us that it is necessary to learn to do one thing at a time. I have been trying this for the last week and it is a task that takes quite a bit of concentration and focus. However, over the past week I have experienced the bliss of just walking. It is amazing! I feel the muscles moving, the skeleton moving, my breath going in and out, the movement causing my hair move away from my face. It is extremely exhilerating and brings a smile to my face. I feel a peace and joy that I usually only experience during mediation.
Take a few moments- experience being present on your own. Only if it is for just one moment today. If you are eating only eat and pay attention to that. If you are washing dishes only wash dishes and pay attention to do that. Whatever you are doing give it your full attention. Repeat this through out the day. Notice the way you feel, notice how it feels just to be. Enjoy being as the animals, the plants, and the little children do.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


First lets take a look a the meaning of forgiveness. Wikipedia's definition is the process of ceasing to feel resentment, indignation, or anger against another person for a perceived offense, difference. or mistake.

I found it interesting that the definition referred to the offense as perceived! My question on forgiveness has always been "Is there anything to really forgives ourselves or others?" Is it really just a matter of perspective?

I believe that all suffering, anger, hate, and/or resentment is just caused solely by our perception of event . It is very simple really - We want the person, place or event to be different! I am not saying here that we should never feel these emotions - but if you really looked at the things that you think you need to forgive others for you would find that you want them to be different! It is not the event that made you angry but the perception of the event.

Lets try a short example to make a point. You are driving down the road when suddenly someone cuts you off and begins yelling at you out their window. It is really not the event that made you angry. It is the voice in your head that begins to say things like, how dare you, who do you think that you are, this was your fault and you are blaming it on me. This continues and is probably repeated to others so they will take your side. The event happened and was over hours ago but the anger is growing in each passing moment. The event just was, they anger that followed was YOUR choice. One person may choose to be angry, another may choice to find it amusing, and still another may actually become confrontational. Like everything else in life it is a matter of choice.

So really is there anything to forgive? Think about and as you do I would suggest that you read Loving What Is by Bryon Katie. In what she calls "The Work" Byron Katie leads us with four questions on how to accept what is. You can also visit her website to get more information on her work.

Bless you all. I love you.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Meditation in your Daily Life

Why meditate? Why not? Scientists study it and doctors recommend it. Why? Because it works! (Time Magazine), Millions of Americans meditate daily. The benefits of daily meditation are miraculous to say the least. Here is just a short list of the benefits of meditation:

*Reduces anxiety attacks
*Builds self confidence
*Increases joy by releasing serotonin
*Enhances energy, strength, and vigor
*Keeps blood pressure normal
*Reduces stress and tension
*Helps with weight loss
*Increased sense of calm and control in everyday life
*Increased feelings of relaxation and happiness
*Increase ability to concentrate

It is true; 10-15 minutes a day of meditation can, over time, make a drastic change in your life! It did in mine! I can hear you saying – when am I going to find the time? The kids, work, the spouse, the chores, ect. How can you take care of any of these things unless you find time to take care of yourself first? Meditation will allow all of the other things in your life to be easier, for you to be happier, healthier, and more focused! I say to you how can you not find time!

This truly amazing practice is absolutely free! It only takes commitment and time. There are plenty of places on the Internet to get downloads of free meditations! The one I found today is at project and it is totally free at the following link:

Oprah recently had Jon Kabat-Zinn on her Soul Series to discuss the benefits of meditation and how this practice can teach you how to really live! You can watch these two interviews for free on Oprah's site .

Oprah has many other free meditations and awakening exercises on her site just for the taking – here you can find a list for finding inner peace.
If you just do a search for meditations on the Oprah site you can choose from a list of the type of meditations that are right for you.

There is a type of meditation that you can do without anything but your body. You can simply just sit still for 15 minutes and focus on keeping your body still. As you do this ego is kept busy and you can hear your thoughts slow down. This is where your soul resides. This is where your true power really is. There is a peace – a knowing – in this place. Take a chance and sit still for 15 minutes. Let your thoughts go where they will, do not judge them just let them be. Focus on not moving your body. As you practice this or another type of meditation daily you will witness the subtle changes in your life! Doctors recommend it and scientist study it! You however live it and reap the benefits! What are you waiting for??

I love you and wish you peace on your journey through meditation; you are going to love it!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Be Present

Be present in the moment. This has been said many times in many different ways but it is the ultimate truth. Being present in the moment is a necessity to any spiritual growth. You do not need to study scripture intently or even go on journey exploring all the religions. You only need to be present in the moment and watch and learn. Information from the outside may help you remember and get the ball moving but all the information that is needed is right inside of each and every one of us! Ask a question and an answer will be presented. Dream a dream and it will be manifested. One of my favorite books on learning how to become present in the moment Eckhart Tolle’s – The Power of Now- you can find it on his website at

We are all souls with enormous power! All that is needed is courage to use this power. How could we be anything less than perfect – we are all a part of the universe/God. We are connected to this source at all times. Just remember to remember to remember: I am a spiritual being with the power to create my own life. The universe/God wants me to happy and prosper! Remember that you are always connected to and part of the universe/God through your inner being or soul.

There is nothing that cannot be accomplished. There is only the possible. There are unlimited possibilities, unlimited resources, and unlimited ideas. Man limits himself by thinking that there are limits, sad thing is as he believes so it is in his reality.
Consider this though – animals, plants and humans consume monstrous amounts of water everyday and have been for thousands of years yet the water supply of the planet remains at the same levels – it does not diminish. Chemicals that are on the earth are consumed in many ways each day but the levels present on earth are never diminished. Energy cannot be diminished at all it is a law of physics. The sun that warms our earth may die one day but the energy that this powerful star emitted will not die instead will just be used somewhere else in the universe. How we can set limits on anything if we know that the laws of universe are such that there is a never ending supply?