Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prayer/Affirmation for Happiness!

I wanted to take a moment to share with all of you a prayer that I have used to help me remember who I am and what I am focusing on. I found this in a book called "The Power of Your Subconsious Mind" by Joseph Murphy, PHD. I love this prayer/affirmation and I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

"Divine Order takes charge of my life today and everyday. All things work together for good for me today. This is a new and wonderful day for me. There will never be another day like this one. I am divinely guided all day long, and whatever I do will prosper. Divine love surrounds me, enfolds me, and enwraps me, and I go forth in peace. Whenever my attention wanders away from that which is good and constructive, I will immediately bring it back to the contemplation of that which is lovely and of good report. I am a spiritual and mental magnet attracting to myself all things that bless and prosper me. I am going to be a wonderful success in all of my undertakings today. I am definitely going to be happy all day long. "Prayer by : Joseph Murphy PHD

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Vibration of Love

Today was a very enlightening day for me. There were many messages of love that came from the universe. First the Rune that I drew this morning, then videos that I watched….I was in awe at how the synchronicity continued throughout the morning. As my day progressed I understood all the messages and I was grateful for the unfolding of the love that was flowing through me! I understood today that love is all that there is. As I love myself and understand that I am one with the divine there is no longer hate of self. When the love is inside of me then I easily recognize this love in all others. I was at breakfast at a restaurant feeling the love radiating from all the other human beings in the room. It is hard to explain how I felt but it was joyous! My heart was singing! I realized it did not matter what they were doing or what they were saying the feeling was still there. I recognized these people as part of the whole as I am….connected to the divine. This is all that mattered and it made my heart soar!As I left the restaurant I noticed the trees! They too had the same presence and my heart was overwhelmed. The birds, the flowers, the sky all had the presence! They were all connected to each other …. we are all of the same source. It was joyous.Don’t miss understand…I have know intellectually for years that we are all connected and have had glimpses of these feelings but today was the first time it was sustained for such a long period of time! It made me believe it was possible to feel this way constantly! To be in bliss at all times. Love is all there really is…when you quiet your mind from telling you what is and just observe the truth is obvious! We are all…..not just a select few…part of the source. There is only love; the rest is just an illusion.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Living in the Past is Death

Quote from Emmett Fox - Sermon on the Mount

When we seek to live upon yesterday's realization, we are actually seeking to live in the past, and to live in the past is death. The art of life is to live in the present moment, and to make that moment as perfect as we can by the realization that we are the instruments and expression of God Himself. The best way to prepare for tomorrow is to make today all that it should be.

My words:
How profound! This statement made me realize that hanging on to anything good or bad that happened in the past even if just 10 minutes ago is death! This moment right here right now is all that I have. I can choose to enjoy it to the fullest or spend it reliving the past ...moments that have already gone. I choose to enjoy my moments knowing that I am connected to God and all there is!

I hope that all of you will join me in the present moment and enjoy your life to the fullest!

Bless you all.
I love you.

Tina Mae