Monday, October 13, 2008

Anything is possible if you only believe!!

I am overwhelmed this morning with the desire to share my experiences with the book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. My only intention is to share my faith and experiences so that you all may at least consider the possibility.

I first watched The Secret in June of 2006. I tried watching at my house on my computer but was having no luck. I quickly called a friend and went over to her house where we watched together.

After watching The Secret only once I came home and made a of what I wanted, took a $1.00 bill and added 6 zeros to the end and made it 1 million dollars, and cut out a picture of a new car. Over the next few days I focused on these things but did no actual work on myself and went back to my old routine - I like to call it going back to sleep.

Around the first part of February 2007 I was spending the afternoon with my daughter in law who had recorded the Oprah show the prior week. We watched the first show Oprah had on regarding The Secret. Suddenly, I was reawakened, revitalized and motivated. I asked my daughter-in-law to buy the book online and send it to my son. I went to the bookstore the next day and bought the audio book on CD.
(Without distracting from the story I would like to point out that just like any other book, if a movie is made it only has highlights of the material covered in the book....In my opinion, true understanding of the secret is only possible when reading the entire text and taking all of it into consideration).

The following week, my boss let me off work early one day unexpectedly. I got home at exactly 4:00 pm and decided to turn on the TV, and I wondered what is on Oprah. The Secret revisited! The second show that Oprah had concerning the Secret.

Over the next couple of weeks, I focused my attention on my thoughts, my beliefs, and myself. I became aware of the things that I was giving attention to and that were dominating my thoughts. I began to change the pictures of my life with love, faith, and gratitude. I manifest on a regular basis, and there are so many examples that I could list....However, I have chosen the one that is the most dramatic for me.

On Tuesday Feb. 19, 2007 I was sitting in my car at work over lunch hour listening to the audio CD of The Secret, I was declaring my perfect health. I believed that I received it and was giving gratitude for it. I looked over at my hand and there was a half smoked cigarette still burning between my first two fingers. I paused and stared at it for a moment focusing my attention on it and completely aware. I realized at that moment that my actions were not mirroring my desires of perfect health. I was saying one thing and doing quite another.

I proclaimed to the Universe at that moment " I AM A NON SMOKER". I believed it was true and done that instant! I gave thanks for it - I was totally exhilarated. I believe that I was completely aligned with the Universe and God and at that moment asked for what I wanted, believed I received it, and gave thanks. After 25+ years of smoking I was a non-smoker at that moment and for the rest of my existence.

However, the story continues......A few days later I was decluttering my house making room for the new pictures of my life and I came across the list of wants that I had made during June of 2006......on the list was QUIT SMOKING. I asked, I believed, and I received and I am forever grateful for this entire experience because it has forever changed my life.

I did not know how it would be done. I just knew it to be true. Again, I asked believe, and receive. With no patches, gum, anything ----- It has not been difficult, I believe this is because I am following my flow....I am one with God and all. I am grateful!!!

Jesus told us over and over again....Believe.....Ask and if you believe you shall receive. He did not give us instructions saying you can only ask for this or that......He just said ask and you receive if you believe. All it takes is faith.
It is not just magical thought. It is thought that is full of love, faith and gratitude. In addition, action is required! You have to ask, you have to give thanks and you have to receive it.

I am sharing this will all of you with the sincere desire that this information will make a share with you the glory of life for it is spectacular! To share with you the joy of being connected to the Universe. He is a part of everything.....which means that he is a part of all of us. None of us are ever disconnected from the divine.

Bless you all,
I love you
Tina Mae


Marrid66 said...

I have seen The Secret but like you have not done anything to incorporate it into my life. I think that is what I am going to do. Thanks for the post.

Karen aka marrid66

Jolly Mom said...

I own the DVD, but ashamedly I haven't watched it yet. I will watch it this week! Thanks for reminding me about it and thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!

PaulMacl said...

Tina, thank you for the interesting story. Indeed, you can create anything. Everything is made up in our minds, so why not make up the very best results?

My mentor taught me, "Everything happens to me for my ultimate benefit." And I believe that is true.

After viewing The Secret, I'd like to recommend that you get a copy of the Pass It On DVD. It takes the message of Attraction further by linking it to the next Universal Laws: Action & Gestation.

You *will* enjoy this film.

Make today an excellent day!

No Limit Success Blog

Carrie said...

I have been meaning for a long time to get this book...I think I'll ask for it for Christmas, maybe then I'll get it instead of waiting on myself!
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