Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fear got you down? No problem!!

When boundaries are present, there is fear – when wholeness and unity is recognized, fear cannot exist." -- James A. Ray

Fear is defined as "an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight) ". (Google Web Definitions).

The key word here is in anticipation of! Funny thing is that we have the flight or fight response for life threatening dangers but most of us use fear to paralyze us in our daily lives when there is NO real danger of losing our lives!

In today's society many us get stuck in ruts due to self-limiting thoughts. These thoughts are unproductive and limit our natural abilities to achieve goals. We talk ourselves right out of being successful! Have you listened to how you talk to yourself today? Take a minute and really listen to your self talk. Are you limiting yourself? Do you have confidence in your abilities to succeed at anything and everything or do you have doubts concerning your abilities?

These doubts are nothing but fear! Oh yes, fear hides well behind the pretense of being rational and realistic thought. However, limiting thoughts are not realistic or rational at all! There are unlimited possibilities in this universe! You can do, be and have everything that you want if you just believe!

Truth of the matter is fear limits! People don't try new things because they are afraid of failure. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is how they perceive failure. Successful people look at failures or mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow and not as a negative!

Lets take a look at ways to overcome that fear!

1. Change your perception! This is can be done in a number of ways including using affirmation and meditation to change your beliefs! You can make your own affirmations and keep them posted in place where you see them often! Here is a free meditation that I discovered on line that helps with overcoming fear. This meditation has you visualize all the fear leaving your body never to return. Use any other method that works for you to change your limiting thoughts and put an end to fear. Just remember you can do anything! Henry Ford said "If you think you can you are right. If you think you cannot you are right."

2. Take action. Start moving toward your goals! Small steps if needed but do something.

3. Persist, Persist, Persist. If one action does not produce the desired results try a different approach. Keep trying until you get the desired results.

4. If you are feeling fearful or not getting the desired results don't criticize yourself. Simply put do not take it personally. Learn from the experience whatever it is. You can either have a cup half full or half empty at any moment in your life. Every cloud has a silver lining - look for it always!

5. Give thanks! Gratitude is very important and give thanks for it all and not just the things that you perceive to be "good". Give thanks for you life with all of the ups and downs and enjoy the ride.

If you are enjoying the ride there is no time to be afraid!

Bless you all
I love you.

Tina Mae

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